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Don't Lose Sight of the Bigger Picture

August 9, 2018

It is easier to focus on our problems instead of the bigger picture.   We tend to get caught up in the moment of the crisis rather than looking at the momentum your crisis could create for you. Open your eyes and look to see what your problem may produce once you’ve conquered it.




Tunnel vision is one of the reasons we can lose perspective, and it causes us to be unable to see the bigger picture.  Being driven into a cave of discouragement isn’t much fun. Many have succumbed to this terrible and dreadful place. Being driven by defeat or discouragement can place you in a cave that could stop your future calling and success.  


Everyone will experience the cave of despair. Those who decide to see the bigger picture and come out of the cave will survive.  Those who refuse, die in their cave.  When I use the word ‘die’ I’m do not necessarily meaning that you will stop breathing. What I am saying is that you may become one of those who live life void of becoming what God had pre-ordained you to be.




1. You start to isolate yourself from those who really want to help. The only reason you don’t want to stick around is because you know they are going to tell you something you probably already know or something you don’t want to hear.  


2. You will begin to believe your problem is unsolvable. Nothing is impossible with God. You must understand that no matter what you’ve done or what you’re going through, God is able to guide you through it!  


3. The spirit of apathy becomes evident. Failure is not attached to an individual when they fall, only when they decide not to get up. Apathy is the reason that many decide to stay down and not get up.


4. You will become unable to see any of your past successes. It is easy to feel a sense of defeat in the middle of struggle.  No matter what you’re going through… no matter what you’re feeling…when things aren’t going your way, hang in there and don’t give up. God is not through blessing you.


What you’ve already gotten in life is not all you can have. There is more on the way! There is more to your life than what you can see. Stay focused on your future – the Bigger Picture- and not your pain.

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