“You crown the year with your goodness… Your paths drip with abundance.” Ps 65:11

What you do will decide what God will do! It’s called the Law of Release! Some call it action and reaction. Others call it what you sow you reap. I call it partnership! The greatest power in the earth is the power of partnership. I am looking for those who desire to partner with us in impacting others for the Kingdom of God.


I was walking the beautiful sands of Hawaii when I heard a voice in my spirit ask me a question. “How would you like to walk in dripping abundance?” Of course my reactions was, “Absolutely, who wouldn’t?” I heard this verse in my spirit, Psalms 65:11. 

When you give you’ll be impacting people through various ways.

  1. You’ll reach others through social media.

  2. You’ll reach millions through Television.

  3. You’ll touch lives of people around the world

  4. You’ll be apart of sending books to nations, prisons, and churches.

  5. You’ll help build a ministry complex that will train people to excel in their lives.

  6. You’ll help us mentor entrepreneurs to becoming Kingdom investors.

This is the year where you and I walk into complete victory over what has been oppressing us, attacking us, and those things that have simply been working overtime to delay us. I believe our time is NOW! I believe that two of us in agreement are more dangerous than a thousand demons. 

Would you prayerfully consider becoming one of our 120 Psalms 65 Partners? I believe that your partnership with me is going to be a catalyst to make an impact in the Kingdom of God.


When you become a monthly partner with us, we covenant to invest back into you with our ministries resources. You will receive a monthly gift from me, such as new books, or CD series and much more.  Your Psalms 65 partner seed is a seed that has brought incredible testimonies already. Don’t miss this opportunity become a Psalms 65 partner today!



I want to personally thank you for your willingness to give. Whatever the size of your donation will be well spent to help empower people of all races and ages with information, love as well as an impartation of the Kingdom of God. With these tools, they will live a powerful life. Your generosity is the proof you are focused on the things of God. We stand in covenant with you over your harvest. You have made it possible for us to reach and bless so many.

Thank you, Dr. Jerry A Grillo